An Organic Dream

Yesterdays interview really got us thinking about soulMUCH and how far we have come with it. The two of us have faced many hurdles over the past several months, but every single one of them has been worth it. We have learned soooo much and we can not wait to grow soulMUCH into the healthy company we know it will be.

We are very thankful for San Diego State University’s Zahn Innovation Platform Launchpad who helped us turn our dream into a reality. This experience taught us so many things about operating a company. “I like to describe the program as a crash course for business and make a joke that I am getting an MBA in business in five months.”

You can do anything you set your mind to as long as you are passionate and believe in what you are doing. Not only are we helping reduce food waste and make our planet more sustainable, but we are also improving the health of people by providing them with nutrient rich foods.