An Organic Win In Canada

Going to Canada?!

A few months ago, Krissy heard of a business competition competition called: "How Green is Your Dream." This is an annual conference that leaders from around North America come together to discuss what goals they want to set to meet certain environmental standards.  Think of the Paris Treaty Conference but on a much smaller scale and only North America.

In order to achieve some of their environmental goals, the countries decided to dedicate a portion of their budget to funding the most innovative startup ideas. One finalist from each country was chosen to get flown out to Canada, present their idea, and receive seed funding.  

The competition was a collaboration of Canada, US, and Mexico in efforts to unite the youth innovators and provide funding to further our start-ups.


We were chosen to represent the United States at this conference!!!

We were taken to Canada to present and later have experts from all over the continent have a ‘think tank’ to help fine tune our idea. We met with US and MEXICO’S members of the EPA, the minister of the environment for Canada and we learned so much from that experience. We learned that Canadians are some the nicest people ey however, their food is very bland.. (Sorry canada).