One Coke For Homeless Folk

We were all told not to waste our food growing up. Your mother telling you there is a starving person in a third world country. This is definitely the case, but it is also a lot closer to home.

Today at my weekly visit to Grocery Outlet I got the opportunity to meet a gentleman that I would later find out goes by the name R.J.

While I was finding a lane to check out in I noticed a man with only a Coke can in hand. With only one item the least I thought I could do was let him go ahead of myself. While I unloaded my groceries the man got to the cashier and I couldn’t help but to overhear his comment to her. I was shocked at what he said. While the cashier scanned the can and he collected all the change he had he said “this is my only meal today” and that the food kitchens had been shut down because of an outbreak that had occurred in the area. I was astonished! I asked him to repeat himself as though I had some how heard him wrong. I unfortunately heard him correctly. Due to the only source of his food being shut down for the day, a Coke was going to be his daily food intake.

I didn’t feel obligated to do something, but rather the desire to do something more. I asked him if I could get him anything. I had plenty I could go without from my shopping. After the cashier caught his attention and directed it to myself I asked him if I could get him something. He was hesitant at, and asking me if I was sure. I told him “go get whatever you want”. He told me he only wanted some milk and cereal.

After he got the food he wanted and walked out of the story he told me his story, of how he was only in San Diego to receive a medical treatment for a recurring disease. I learned of his family and the beautiful description of his grandchildren. I also heard of how 9 out of 10 people treat him less than. This truly is what hurt me the most. This man didn’t ask for anything and was no less than any other person, but still gets treated as such.

I have always felt blessed of what I have been given and will never take it for granted. We are all humans and each have a soul that needs to help another soul in time of need.

This is why I work so hard on SoulMUCH, to give a helping hand in need.

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