Soul Letter #1: Welcome Soul Fam

We want to share some of the exciting things happening at Soul Much recently!!!

We have been thriving in 2018 and are "SOUL" stoked for all that 2019 holds. In 2018 we celebrated our #1yearaversery, moved into a new kitchen (we are in love), participated in a variety of diverse events, spent countless hours baking and SAVED 7,000 lbs of grain from being trashed! We really want 2019 to be our year!
We are so passionate about creating healthy and sustainable treats for you to enjoy!

We want to build community through our Soul Family and hope to connect with you all by sharing our current dreams, challenges, cookies flavors, pitch competition updates, sustainable lifestyle tips, fun events and cookie giveaway contests!

Greenhouse Initiative

At the beginning of this year, we were selected as The Ecology Center and Sambazon's Greenhouse Initiative Finalist to receive $4,000 to continue our efforts in reducing Greenhouse Gases by reducing food waste.

Seeds and Chips SF

We are happy to announce we had a successful time exhibiting at our first food show! SOULMUCH had a booth at the Fancy Food Show in San Francisco on Jan 13-15 in the What's Next In Food exhibit hosted by Seeds & Chips.  Thank you friends at Seeds & Chips!

GSEA Pitch Competition

We we took home a 2nd place trophy at the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards National Competition in Denver, CO where the team won $5,000 to grow our sustainable business!! We are so grateful for this opportunity!


Truthfully, we have SOUL much more we aspire to accomplish!
Thank you for all your support, it means the world to us!

Peace + Love,


(Dakota, Jordan, Krissy, Lexi + Rey)