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Our best sustainable lifestyle tips!

Sustainable SOUL Tip #1

Our very first Sustainable Soul Tip is a Natural Fruit + Veggie Wash!

For a chemical-free alternative to remove the grime from your produce:

  1. Combine 2 cups of vinegar with 1 cup of water in a spray bottle
  2. Spray on your kale, apples, carrots, strawberries, celery, anything you like...
  3. Let sit for 5 minutes
  4. Rinse with cool running water and a scrub brush
  5. Enjoy your fresh and clean fruits + veggies!


Sustainable SOUL Tip #2

Reduce your CO2 emissions! Try eco-friendly modes of transportation like walking, biking, or even public transportation!

Instead of driving, invite a friend to join you on your way to the grocery store, gym, or coffee shop for some exercise while checking off your to-do list.


Sustainable SOUL Tip #3 

We know you bring your own grocery bags to the  grocery store but do you bring reusable produce bags to the grocery store and farmers markets?


Bonus points if you bring your own bag to pick up SOULMUCH cookies :)


Sustainable SOUL Tip #4

Try "thrifting" instead of buying brand new. When you buy secondhand you give an item a second life which reduces waste and pollution. Re-purposing clothes, books, sports equipment, or even furniture saves it from ending up in the landfill.


Sustainable SOUL Tip #5

Try using a fan or leaving your window open during the summer! As it gets hotter, you may turn air conditioning on as a default. This is both more expensive and negatively impacts the environment.