"What Happens When You Combine Great Ingredients With A Whole Lot Of Soul? Our Cookies."

We are Not Just Baking Cookies.
We’re Saving Our Planet

These are not your Grandma’s basic cookies (no offense to all the grandmas). We know how much you love your grandma’s cookies, but we also know how you want to take care of your body with nutrition and love. We strived to find that perfect, healthy balance. These bad boys are melt in your mouth delicious while infused with protein and packed with fiber. Our cookies are protein packed made from Ancient Grains such as; quinoa, sorghum, buckwheat, and brown rice. We are not doing cookies the traditional way. Nope. Instead, we are using natural sources of sweetness like coconut sugar, molasses, dates, and maple syrup. We don’t believe in sacrificing quality or taste. You deserve to enjoy your cookie without the “body guilt.” Apparently “dream” cookies do come true.

Chocolate Chip Cookie

We get it. You want something to satisfy that sweet tooth you’re craving. No guilt here. We need our fix too. However, we also know how you want to take care of your body with a nutritional diet. Whether your motivation is to get that bikini body, look so good your ex will want you back, or just simply trying to be healthy, we made it our goal to find that perfect balance. Infused with quinoa, brown rice, and dark chocolate chips, our cookie is just what you want. 

Future Developments

Peanut Butter

How could we resist using the best flavor combination ever? We couldn't! We've got you craving for a peanut butter cup in the cookie from you can't resist.

Snicker Doodle

Sugar, Spice And Everything Nice. Well not your traditional sugar, this is the healthy sugar. It is also one of our childhood favorites too, and we put an organic twist to it.

Chocolate Covered Pretzel

How can you say no to salty and sweet? That's why we've have added the best salty sweet combination perfectly wrapped in our delicious cookies.

Oat Almond Cranberry

Okay, you take two of the best things in the world, almonds and cranberries. The you mix in a healthy amount of oats and what do you get? Awesome.