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Girl Holding up Chocolate, Espresso, and Mint cookies smiling
Hand holding Chocolate Chip, Espresso, and Carrot Cookies

Variety Pack

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Vegan - Gluten Free

Love all the SOULMUCH Cookies? No worries! Now you can choose between your top 3 flavors! 

Flavors Consist of: Chocolate ChipDark Chocolate Espresso, Red Velvet, Carrot Ginger, and Chocolate Mint

This is a package of six (6) cookies.

Freeze your cookies for optimal freshness. 

**All cookies are shipped Wednesday morning, orders placed after Monday at 12am PST will be shipped the following week**


All of our cookies come packaged in a biodegradable cellophane sleeve.

People constantly ask us, "How can you be an eco-friendly product when your cookies come packaged in a plastic sleeve?" First, we want to say THANK YOU for caring! Second, the truth is, it's NOT PLASTIC, it's biodegradable cellophane! Cellophane is a great alternative to plastic. It has many of the beneficial properties such as clarify and structural strength, however, cellophane can biodegrade. Unlike plastic, cellophane is made from a plant based material called cellulose which is fully compostable. This allows for the packaging to break down over time, leaving no remnants. Plastic on the other hand, breaks down into tiny plastic micro-pieces that ultimately end up polluting our earth and oceans.