How To Make Your Holiday Gifts More Meaningful & Less Wasteful

When you hear conscious gift giving what do you think of? 

The holiday season is filled with gifts, bringing joy, love, and unfortunately, waste. Navigating holiday shopping is hectic and it can be hard to figure out what to buy. Let's explore how to shop consciously, reduce holiday season waste, and make your gifts more meaningful this holiday season.  

How to purchase consciously 

Shop small business/locally  

Supporting small businesses is a wonderful thing to do all year long but the holiday season is a huge opportunity to support small businesses. They are a key part of your local economy and add both character and jobs to your community. Shopping local, in-person also saves the added waste of packaging to ship the item! However, not all small businesses may be local to you. If you cannot find something you like in your local area, consider purchasing from small businesses through social media or websites like Etsy. 

Shop social impact businesses 

“Social impact companies are organizations that prioritize doing work that consciously, systemically and sustainably serves or attempts to solve a local or global community need.”

Social impact businesses are companies with a mission to make a positive impact on the world around them. SOULMUCH does this through rescuing and upcycling our ingredients, saving thousands of pounds of food from ending up in landfills. Another example of this could be a company that donates money or plants trees for every sale. These businesses make an enormous impact on the world around us. 

Shop sustainably

Shopping sustainably can mean many things. Choosing plastic-free packaging or supporting companies that prioritize sustainable sourcing options are both great ways to shop sustainably. Eco-friendly item swaps such as reusable produce bags for grocery shopping, reusable sandwich bags, and beeswax wrap are all great zero-waste gifts to give to a loved one. 

Check out our blog: 12 simple swaps for a low waste kitchen

Donate to a non-profit in the name of your loved one

If you do not know any organizations that they like to support, simply search for an organization that may match one of their interests or passions. 

How to reduce your holiday season waste

Did you know that Americans discard 25% more waste during the holiday season from Thanksgiving through Christmas than any other time of the year? This amounts to about one million extra tons of waste per week! 

One of the largest contributors to holiday season waste is the fashionable wrapping paper we all know and love. Although it is paper, it is not necessarily recyclable, meaning it is single-use and destined for a landfill. Instead of wrapping presents, consider using decorative boxes or wrap presents with old wrapping paper, newspaper, brown paper bags, posters, etc. There are also wrapping papers made of recycled paper available for purchase! 

Do you like bows? Try using cloth ribbon which can be easily removed and reused year after year. 

    Low waste gift ideas

    • A piece of art  
    • Gift certificates 
    • Repurposing/upcycling items into an awesome gift with a second life 
    • Homemade cookies, jam, or other foods 
    • Plants or flowers from your own garden
    • An experience, such as a ticket to a concert, travel reservations, dining reservations, cooking classes, a tour, etc. 
    • Regifting… we know this one sounds cringey but think of items like a gently used book, puzzle, boardgame or piece of art. Really, it’s just sharing the love ;) 
    • A subscription or membership service (ideas: CSA boxes, newspapers, audiobooks, streaming services) 
    • Homemade blanket, pottery, etc. 
    • Thrift shop finds! You never know what you’re going to find :) 

    Conscious gift giving looks different for every person and we believe that all efforts are significant. We ALL have the power to make conscious choices that impact the world around us. 

    How to make your gifts more meaningful using love languages

    Have your loved one take the test in order to find out how to pick the best gift for them.

    P.S. If you haven’t taken it, do the same :) 

    Words of affirmation

    This person responds to audible recognitions of affirmation. Write a note, make a call or facetime that person and express your appreciation for them 

    Acts of service 

    Those with this love language don’t care as much about the talk as they do about the walk. They will love the offer to help them with something that they need to get done such as helping to run errands, make dinner etc. A fun way to turn this into a holiday gift is to create a coupon book that they can redeem when they choose to. 

    Receiving gifts

    Although this language may seem materialistic, it can also be focused on the quality and thoughtfulness of the gift. Make their gifts meaningful. They don’t have to be big or extravagant - it’s the thought that counts.

    Physical touch

    Spend time with your loved one one-on-one. Maybe even plan a staycation or an adventure together. 

    Quality time 

    These people are really all about spending time together, uninterrupted. Give your adventurous partner a groupon for skydiving, a drive in movie, or even a special night of cooking at home. Any time together will mean a lot to them. 

    We each have the ability to create change in our economy, our environment and each other's lives. Let’s give back this holiday season by choosing conscious gifts. 

    Looking for a social impact, eco-friendly small business for holiday gifts? We've got your back! 

    Shop Upcycled Cookies

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