"let's break it down!"

Repurposing Food with a Purpose

So, if you got this far, you are starting to believe in our mission of reducing food waste in the world. So how do we do it? Continue reading and you’ll find out how we repurpose nutritious food that is being wasted. Hopefully it will inspire you to make a difference in how you buy, prepare and eat food. In a less wasteful way.

So, here it is.

We go to the restaurants 30 minutes after their closing time.
Collect the grains, quinoa, and other unused food that were prepared by the chefs.
Put it in our containers and take them to our commercial kitchen.
We upcycle the grains by placing them in a dehydrator overnight to efficiently remove any moisture.
The grains are then placed in a milling machine that grinds up the grains into a flour.
This is the flour used in baking the cookie you will be enjoying.

If we did not collect these grains, they would be dumped in the trash. Yup. WASTED. Food that has not even left the kitchen (or the rice cooker) would be trashed.

If the next question you have is why, then keep reading.
Big volume restaurants must have a steady supply of their grains ready at all times due to the sheer volume of customers that they receive. Imagine going into a restaurant for a late dinner to only find out they ran out of brown rice, the staple ingredient in all their dishes. Now hangry and upset, most people leave bad reviews and do not return. This is a restaurant's biggest nightmare. To avoid this problem, they make batches of their grains constantly. Problem with that is that some of this fresh food gets wasted.

That is where we come in. All that grain that they prepare that does not get sold, we use to make whole grain cookies.

Look, we see a huge problem. Excess food not being sold in restaurants is being thrown away.
This food is a huge contributor to greenhouse gases and reduces the available space in landfills.
We found a solution by simply (recycling? Don’t want to change vibe) giving the grains a little makeover. We found a solution by simply recycling and reusing the grains.
Collect it, dehydrate it, grind it, bake it, and enjoy it.

Cookies with a purpose.

We can all agree that we want to work towards a sustainable planet.
We are simply giving people a chance to do just that… by eating cookies.

"SoulMUCH is a company dedicated to providing nutrient-dense products that are both healthy for our bodies and our environment by reducing food waste while minimizing our carbon footprint."