Why do we choose to upcycle?

If food waste was country, it would be the third largest emitter of greenhouse gases, behind the United States and China. In the U.S. alone, restaurants collectively waste over 25 billion pounds of edible and nutritious food every year.

Does this mean that overproduced food is doomed to end up in a landfill? That is where SOULMUCH comes in to recuse and upcycle their excess grains and the juice pulp from juice bars.


We partner with like minded companies to reduce the amount of food that is currently being wasted by rescuing their excess food. We collect excess grains from restaurants and the by-products of juicing from juice bars. Everyday our partnered chefs will save this untouched food for us to pick up and collect. 


Next, we immediately process the grains by dehydrating them the same day to ensure that the health benefits are preserved for optimal freshness.



After the brown rice and quinoa is dehydrated, we mill it into our own unique blend of gluten free flour! This brown rice and quinoa flour then becomes the base of each and every delicious cookie! It is higher in protein and fiber than traditional all-purpose flour, providing you a more satiating snack than a traditional cookie!

Gluten free brown rice flour
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Upcycled Flour

100% upcycled gluten free brown rice and quinoa flour for elevated healthy and protein rich baking

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Chocolate Chip Cookie

A vegan and gluten free version of everyone's favorite chocolate chip cookie made with our upcycled flour 

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Beet Red Velvet 

Using vibrant upcycled beet pulp to color and flavor our delicious beet red velvet cookie that are vegan and gluten free

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