What happens when two tree hugging hippies
see food being wasted daily at the restaurant they worked at?
They found a solution.

SOUL MUCH started because Reyanne Mustafa and Kristian Krugman were
working at a restaurant where they noticed pounds and pounds of nutritious grains such as brown rice and quinoa wee being thrown away every night. These were not the scraps on customer's plates, these were unserved grains straight from the rice cookers. 


Their first idea was to take the grains home in their tiny apartment, wrap them in individual portion sizes, and hand them out to people who looked hungry and homeless in downtown San Diego. 


As rewarding as that was, they soon realized that this problem scaled way beyond just their restaurant. They could no longer turn a blind eye to this and had to do something about it...and they we did. They saw an opportunity to build a brand, to educate the world about food waste, and to show that profit and purpose can be two players on the same team.