Meet the monsters behind your favorite cookies

Just a bunch of tree huggin hippies eager to change the world - one cookie at a time.

Reyanne Mustafa

Reyanne Mustafa


Reyanne is the innovator with a solution for every problem. She dives into any challenge as an opportunity to create something new and unique. It’s not just solving problems, it’s about solving them in a greener, more sustainable way.

Kristian Krugman

Kristian Krugman


Krissy's ability to manage and organize logistics keeps the team in line and fulfilled with satisfaction that our goals are being met and followed through with gentle coaching.

Dakota Ruiz

Dakota Ruiz


Dakota supplies the “whatever it takes to get it done” energy to push through the baking nights into 3 am. He has evolved into a naturally talented CFO with a penchant for graphs, budgets, and estimates.

Lexi Oplinger

Lexi Oplinger


Lexi has cross disciplinary education in Entrepreneurship and Sustainability and focuses on how businesses can be the vehicle to drive social and environmental good.

Our Story

Working as waitresses in the restaurant industry, we became frustrated witnessing perfectly untouched food being thrown away each night. Oftentimes, it would be 30-40 pounds of oversupplied cooked brown rice, quinoa, and organic juice pulp doomed for landfill. We were wondering why nobody else was stopping this from happening. Then we realized, WE are that somebody.

We saw an opportunity to build a movement, to educate the world about food waste, and show our community that profit and purpose can be two players on the same team.

"Waste is only waste if someone wastes it."

Friends Eating Gluten Free Vegan Cookies in a Garden


We strive to build an educational campaign around upcycling and make it on the forefront of people's agendas. You can find us at events and farmers markets educating the public about the importance of food waste. We believe even the smallest change can make a big difference.

A Compostable Cookie Bag in the Ground


We are driven with the goal to leave the planet a little better than we found it. We strive to ensure that our cookies are made up of at least 50% upcycled ingredients while sourcing the rest in the most environmentally friendly way.

Friends Eating Gluten Free Vegan Cookies in a Garden

Concious Consumerism

We truly believe in the planet over profit and will stay steadfast in our ideals to better this earth. We will continue to seek the most sustainable options for packaging as well as make it our promise to purchase from the most responsible sources.

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